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Aquaheat are passionate about there products and 100% committed to customer service excellence. We strive to answer all your questions here but if you still need assistance please contact us, we are happy to help.

Where do I register my heat pump for warranty?2021-04-10T14:31:03+10:00

You can register your product for warranty by filling out the register your product form

Where do I get technical support for my heat pump?2021-04-10T14:29:41+10:00

It’s always better to get an authorised Aquaheat dealer to service and provide support for your heat pump. The best thing to do is to ring you installer. Otherwise please feel free to contact us

Where can i get the pool pump?2021-04-07T14:53:22+10:00

You can order our pool heat pump from one of our authorised dealers. Find a dealer here, to find a store near you. You can also get it installed and serviced by our dealers

Where can I find the product manuals?2021-04-10T14:33:57+10:00

You can find our product manuals here

Whats the difference between aquaheat pump, solar pump and gas pump?2021-04-07T15:10:03+10:00

Looking for the difference between Solar, Air Sourced and Gas Pool Heating, you can find it here in our article: “Want to Heat Your Swimming Pool But Don’t Know Which Type to Use?

What type of water do i need to have in my pool to use a pool heat pump?2021-04-07T15:07:10+10:00

All our heat pumps come with the highest quality titanium finned heat exchangers, allowing you to use any type of water chemistry without worrying about the units lifetime.

What size heat pump is right for my pool?2021-03-28T23:37:32+11:00

You can use our pool heat pump calculator here to determine the size pump you will need, or use find a dealer to talk to an expert. you can always chat with us too!

What is the warranty or guarantee on your pool heat pump?2021-03-29T10:43:27+11:00

We have a 25 year guarantee on our Heat exchanger, 4 year guarantee for spare parts and 1 year guarantee on labor. Please check out all our warranty information here. Register your product here

What is the life expectancy of a heat pumps?2021-04-07T15:06:27+10:00

With regular maintenance and servicing, our heat pumps should extend much further into the future than our warranties.

What is the coldest temperature at which the heat pump can be operated?2021-04-07T15:02:01+10:00

Our heat pumps can be operated in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius and as high as 45 degrees celsius.

What is defrosting option in our heat pumps?2021-04-07T15:02:27+10:00

Defrosting is a process used to protect the heat pump from frosting when the climate reaches very low temperatures, a reversible valve is installed in any unit that we have by default, this valve reverses the flow of the heated refrigerant at the compressor to flow back to the condenser to keep it from frosting, this is done automatically in case of any frostings started to form on the unit.

What is a heat pump COP?2021-04-07T14:58:51+10:00

COP stands for coefficient of performance and is a measurement of efficiency for heating and cooling machines. It is measured by the total energy output (kw) that is leaving the unit in forms of heating or cooling over the total energy input (kW) that is entering the unit in forms of electricity. The higher COP, the more efficient a unit is and we are proud to say that our units are remarkable for their high COPs of 6.5 to 10 on average.  This means 1kW of energy input yields 6.5-10kW of heating output.

What happens when the heat pump reaches the desired swimming temperature?2021-04-07T15:01:19+10:00

temperature is reached the heat pump is turned off automatically, it comes back in operation only if the pool temperature is dropped by 1 degrees less than the set temperature. All our heat pumps have the best of inverter technology which allows it to drop to a lower speed and higher efficiency, maintaining an efficient heating process while avoiding consuming excess power. You may notice a reduction of the fan speed once the heat pump displays the set temperature this is how it maintains a perfect swimming temperature whilst your filtration pump is running.

What do I do if I need an urgent repair?2021-04-10T14:32:52+10:00

The best thing to do if you need a repair urgently is to contact the authorised installer in your area. IF you still need help please contact us

Is it important to have a pool cover?2021-04-07T15:07:33+10:00

Having a pool cover will significantly reduce the size of the heat pump required for your pool, thus reducing the unit cost, that is due to its ability to save the heat supplied to the pool from being lost to the atmosphere.

How much does it cost to install a heat pump?2021-04-07T14:59:08+10:00

Installation cost can vary based on site conditions, electrical power availability and unit size.  For an estimation, you can send us some photos of your pool, surrounding area, pool equipment and electrical sources.  Alternatively, contact an installer from our national network online who would be more than happy to guide you through the process.

How loud is the pump?2021-04-10T14:36:26+10:00

Our heat pumps are one of the quietest systems on the market. to get a true dB(A) measurement please go to our product page and look at the specifications for your specific model number

How fast can the pool be heated by the heat pump?2021-04-07T15:04:50+10:00

The time needed to heat a pool depends on how big the heat pump that you have is, the volume of the pool and the heat loss from the surface of the water in the location you are in.

Depending on the month of the year it is, the first time you switch on the heat pump you can expect a temperature rise of between 0.1 and 0.3 degrees per hour. This also depends on the heat pump installed as well. For a quick guide to calculate how many hours it will take to heat the pool is a calculation

  1. (pool volume x 4.18 x temperature rise)/ 1800
  2. Then divide the answer by the kW of the heater chosen and that is the approx. number of hours.
(Note this is just to heat up the water and doesn’t take into consideration the heat loss during heat up and other environmental factors)

A heat pump is designed to maintain a pool temperature by running everyday. This ensure the water is always ready to swim in.

(Note that a pool heat pump sized for Extended season only will not be able to achieve the set temperature in the winter months)
How does a pool heat pump work?2021-04-07T14:59:50+10:00

Heat pumps are basically a reversed cycle of an air conditioner, refrigerant R32 is the working fluid in our heat pumps, initially the fluid is liquid, refrigerant absorbs energy from the ambient air through the evaporator causing it to evaporate which leaves the R32 in the gas state. After that the gas refrigerant escapes to the compressor in which it’s heat and pressure are raised to the highest in it’s cycle, then it flows to the condenser, which operates as a heat exchanger, the heat of the refrigerant is exchanged with the low temperatures of the water in the pool system, causing the refrigerant to turn into liquid and heating the pool water. Finally, the liquid refrigerant goes back to the initial point which is the evaporator to repeat the cycle again for pool heating.

How do I use the Aquaheat Mobile App to control the heat pump?2021-04-10T14:23:51+10:00

The mobile app can set the temperature of pool and/or operational run time. At all time, it shows the pool temperature when the pump is running and it shows the ambient if pump is not running. For more details, please refer to the product manual and/or instruction video

How do I claim Warranty?2021-04-10T14:22:04+10:00

Please fill out the Warranty Claim Form. Make sure you have proof of purchase receipt and a photo of your system handy to upload.

How do I choose a heat pump?2021-04-07T14:54:31+10:00

Our team of experts are ready to guide you through your pool heat pump selection.  The size of a heat pump is determined by the pool size, climate, whether you wish to swim through winter or not, and if you plan on using a pool cover.  Feel free to fill the heat evaluation form on our website- https://aquaheataustralia.com.au/pool-heat-pump-estimate-calculator/

Can I get finance to purchase the pump?2021-04-10T14:38:52+10:00

Yes! We have partnered with award winning renovation finance company handypay™ for financial assistance, please visit there website for further details.

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